Welcome to Proton Press. Brought to you by artists Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman, Proton Press was founded in 2005 for the purpose of publishing art and educational books by tattoo artists and fine artists connected with the tattoo industry. We have since begun publishing music and video projects as well.

Our first two productions were a pair of high-quality art books rich with visionary imagery, Guy Aitchison's Organica and Michele Wortman's Moments Of Epiphany, which features an introduction by renowned artists Alex and Allyson Grey. One of our flagship items is Guy's Reinventing The Tattoo, a deluxe educational package unlike anything else in the tattoo industry, and our most recent release, Nick Baxter's Sharp-Focus Realism In Oil, is a concise and powerful guide for beginning and intermediate artists wanting to perfect their oil painting skills.

We've also published some tattoo community group projects, including Scratch Art, featuring work by hundreds of artists, all in the scratchboard medium; and Innerstate, chronicling a 5-day live art performance featuring 40 artists, all tattooists who are dedicated painters in their spare time. Innerstate also includes a 50 minute documentary DVD, which was nominated for Best Documentary at the 2010 Great Lakes Film Fest. It's a fast-paced film with a rich musical soundtrack featuring music by the 5 artists hosted at the Proton Music page. This includes Sunchannel, Michele Wortman's experimental psychedelic electronic project; Sursum, combining electronic beats and sounds with richly layered guitars, Hydrone, tattoo artist Brion Norwalk's nocturnal ambient project, Satchi Om, producing heavy dub step with a transcendental edge, and Divine Machine, tattooist Cory Cudney's punchy electro retro-future trip through soundspace. We have a free music player featuring all of these artists, so come check it out!